Welcome to Mavuno Church Fedha. We are a group of home churches located within the Fedha Estate environs in Nairobi. Our desire is to ignite generational change in our community through the discipleship and transformation of individuals into influencers of society.

Our respective home services start at 10:00 am, every Sunday.


Welcome to Mavuno Church Fedha.We are a group of home churches located within the Fedha Estate environs in Nairobi.

We have one service held every Sunday. 

Adults- 10:00 am


At Mavuno Church Fedha, we have a range of ministries and experiences both for the individual and the entire family that are designed to help you discover their purpose, explore your faith and grow in your life journey.

Scroll through the tabs above to discover a ministry/experience that will benefit you today.

Mavuno Kids is a fun-filled, creative and safe environment where children experience God and can connect with a community of children. At MK, we set the children on course to start discovering God, His purpose for their lives as well as to connect with a community of like-minded children. 

Spaces include:

  • Mavuno Kids (3-12) yrs


Mavuno Young & Fearless is the youth ministry of Mavuno Church. Here we exist to Turning ordinary teens into fearless influencers of society. Our spaces include:

  • Ropes (13 yrs)
  • MYF (14-19yrs)
  • Campus Trend (20-24yrs)


Mizizi is an exciting ten-week practical discipleship experience designed to help you connect to God, connect with your purpose, and connect with like-minded people on a journey of discovering and living out their purpose.

Sign up today and join thousands of others who have gone through this exciting and transformative life course…your life will never be the same!

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Life Groups are our small-groups that meet weekly in different neighborhoods across the city. Joining a Life Group is the best way to get connected at Mavuno,a nd surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals with whom you can support each other, serve together, share life and simply have fun together!

To register for a Life-group, click HERE, and select the I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN A SMALL GROUP option.

NDOA, the Swahili word for marriage, is a 10-week interactive and experiential marriage preparation and enrichment experience designed to tool you with the skills and knowledge it takes to build a strong, lasting marriage – the real happily ever after! The NDOA experience is divided into two streams, NDOA Equip, for couples considering marriage), and NDOA Enrich, for couples, either married or living together, who seek to improve the quality of their union.

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LEA, the Swahili word for nurture / parenting, is a ten-week experience that helps parents to fulfil their responsibility to raise the children God has given in the way He requires you to. LEA will also get you into a support group of like-minded parents working towards the same goal of building stronger families.

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Antony Njoroge is the lead pastor of Mavuno Hill City, taking over the helm from Mavuno’s senior pastor Muriithi Wanjau.  

He holds an MA in Leadership & Organizational Leadership, and a BA in Bible & Theology, and has a palpable passion for church planting and raising cutting-edge leaders who will fearlessly influence society. He is also deathly passionate about reaching the unchurched. 

He has previously served as the lead pastor of Mavuno Church Kampala, and is the Executive Pastor in charge of Church Planting and New Initiatives. 

He is married to Miriam Kigwi and together they are blessed with three children. 


Whether you need prayer, would like to share your story, would like to sign up for one of our ministry experiences, or would just like to speak to us, we would love to hear from you. Send us a message today, and one of our pastors will be happy to get in touch.


At Mavuno we believe that honoring God with our resources is a critical part of following Jesus, and we encourage you to thoughtfully and prayerfully seek Him about what to contribute towards the life of the church. Whatever the size of your contribution, the most important thing is that your giving is done gladly, willingly, gratefully and consistently.


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ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1385563204


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